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About Me

I am an ordained non-denominational wedding Officiant serving the High Desert and San Bernardino area since 2004.

I do not preach, try to convert, raise money or express my political views during wedding ceremonies. I am there to speak about marriage and the love you two feel for each other and what it will take for your marriage to succeed. I believe the institution of marriage is to be honored and is a commitment for life. I believe marriage should be take seriously and every effort should be made to make it succeed.

  • My marriage services are usually for couples that don't belong to a church but would like their wedding ceremony performed by an ordained minister.

  • Couples also hire me as their wedding officiant when their own ordained minister is prevented from performing ceremonies outside of the church.

  • My Wedding Ceremony is for couples that want to honor God, their faiths, or religious identities but do not want it to be preachy, heavy handed or "scary."

  • My Wedding Ceremony may be civil with no religious expression at all for couples that are non-believers or feel it would be disingenuous to who they really are.

I perform the Wedding Ceremony at your site. The average length is 20 minutes. My ceremonies have taken place at private homes and venues such as Country Clubs, Mansions, Churches, City Parks and Hotels.

I believe strongly that the Wedding Ceremony is the most important part of your Wedding Day and that the Reception is a distant second. Just as much attention and detail should be given to the Wedding Ceremony.

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