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Creating your Ceremony

1. Guests are seated.

Music is played softly

during the seating of the

guests before the

ceremony begins.

Your Ushers are to seat only your immediate family members and VIPs, not all your guests. Greeters may pass out Wedding Programs as your Guests arrive.

2. Mother's Processional

Music is played while Mothers enter and place Unity Elements on Table.

They hug each other and then are seated.

The Escort is seated

after the Mothers sit.

Mothers enter, each carrying Colored Sand or Light Taper Candles. They can be escorted in by the Groom's father. This is a great way to have the Groom's father included as he usually has no part in a ceremony.

3. Groom's Processional

Groom enters by walking down the center Aisle to his own music. He too will enjoy the smiles, tears and well wishes of those he passes by while making his entrance.

This is his wedding too! Your Guests will enjoy watching him enjoy walking down the Aisle to his own fun music like, U Can't Touch This, Another one Bites the Dust, or the Mission Impossible Theme, etc. Pick a song that reflects his personality.

4. Bridal Party Procession

Music is played as the Groomsmen escort their Bridesmaids to their

position at the Altar.

Then congratulate the


5. Entrance of the Bride

Music is played. Guests stand as the Bride

makes her grand

entrance escorted by her father, both parents or

close friend.

The Bride enters, confidant, poised and so very beautiful on the arm of her escort. You stop just past the first row of chairs. The guests will then be seated and the ceremony begins.

Pastor Gina greets your guests, talks about why everyone is gathered together and what marriage is all about.

6. The Gathering Words

Pastor Gina welcomes

the guests, thanks them for coming and speaks

briefly about the

purpose of the


7. Opening Prayer

Pastor Gina's repeats a short prayer and invites the Lord's presence.

8. Moment of Silence

This is a brief moment that allows you to show respect and love to the

people in your life who have passed and could not be present for your


9. Mother's Rose Gift

 Long stemmed Roses are presented to the Mother of the Bride

and Groom thanking

them for the many

selfless sacrifices they

have made and the unconditional love they have for them.

My prayers are pretty simple. It's a way of inviting God and asking for his blessing of the marriage and thanking Him for this gift of love.

The names and relationship of close family members who are no longer here with you are mentioned here. It is brief (10-13 sec.) but respectful of those who are with us in spirit.

Pastor Gina provides you with two Red, long stemmed, silk Roses to present to both of the Mothers. If a parent has passed, the Rose is placed on the chair where she would have sat. The Bride and Groom present the Rose to their mother. Great photo opportunity.

This is usually performed by the Father of the Bride, but anyone who loves and supports the marriage may stand in here. The Father may say, "I do'" or "Her Mother and I do," or the both parents may participate.

Marriage is a serious undertaking and is not to be taken lightly. It is intended to bind your lives together forever.

10. Giving of the Bride

This is an old tradition in which the

Father of the Bride gives his

daughter to the Groom in Marriage.

The father then lifts the Veil, kisses

her cheek and the Groom escorts

his Bride to the Altar.

This is the part your see on TV. It's when I ask if you will take the other as your Husband or Wife and your respond with those famous words, "I do."

11. Charge to the Couple

This is where I talk about what it

means to be married and what

it will take to make your marriage


Your Readers are from the audience, one of your guests. If you select two readings, one can be from the Bride's side and one from the Groom's. I will type them for your Readers.

12. Consent and Affirmation

Pastor Gina asks if you are ready

and willing to take the other as your

Husband or Wife. It confirms

you're willing to marry.

I have a selection of Vows that you may choose from should you decide not to write your own. I will type them on beautiful cards and hand them to you at the Altar to read from or you can repeat them after me.

13. Readings

You may have up to 2 Readings in

your Ceremony. I have a selection

for you to choose from. These are

short poems, scriptures, or words of

wisdom about love.

Sometimes children from another marriage are a part of the marriage union. This is a lovely way of accepting these children as your own and repeating promises to them as well.

14. Bride and Groom's Vows

Your Vows are the most intimate

part of the Ceremony. This the part

where you put into words the

intense feelings you have for each


15. Vows and Promises to


When a couple marries, often times

a child from another marriage is

involved. Here is where you make

a commitment to the child as well.

16. Hand Blessing Ceremony

The Hands are a connection to the

Heart, and a Hand Blessing

symbolically brings two hearts

together. This is usually placed

before the Ring Exchange.

17. Exchange of Rings

The Wedding Ring is a symbol of

your lifelong commitment to one

another and a testimony to all the

world of your devotion in marriage.

18. Unity Ceremony

This Ceremony is symbolic in that it

unites the two of you as one. Up to

this moment you have been

separate in thought, word and

deed. Music is usually played during

the Unity Ceremony.

19. Marriage Blessings

The Blessing of the Marriage is a

short prayer of good favor, wishes

for everlasting love, happiness and



This is the part we've all been

waiting for. When I pronounce you

Husband and Wife, it is the exact

moment of marriage. 

21. The Kiss

No ceremony is complete without

the Kiss. The kiss seals the

promises and vows made by the

Bride and Groom.

22. Presentation of Couple

It is my pleasure to introduce you to

your family & friends as Mr. &Mrs.

23. Recessional

Time to walk down the Aisle

amongst your guests. Music is

played as you smile and wave to

your guests.

24. The 2nd Kiss

Bride and Groom walk half-way

down Aisle after the Presentation,

then stop and Kiss again. The Music

changes to fun, loud, time-to-party


The Bride holds the Grooms hand and I speak about what a blessing they are and how they will work hard, be gentle, etc and then they switch and I speak about the Bride's hands and how they will comfort him, hold him through difficult times, etc.

Typically the Ring Bearer has fake Rings on a Pillow. The Best Man usually has both Rings on his pinkie and hands them to Pastor Gina when she asks for them.

You have a choice of the Unity Candle, the Unity Wine Cup or Sand Blending Ceremony. I will provide everything you need for this...the Candles, the Wine or the Vase and Colored Sand.

Marriage Blessings are important as it brings the ceremony to full circle celebrating your love with wishes for its future.

You did it! You are now Husband and Wife. I like to take a quick peek at my watch and note the time. You can then celebrate your future anniversaries at exactly the time you married.

This is the fun part. All your guests are waiting to witness the love you share. Don't be shy about kissing the person you love.

Now you are introduced to your guests as a newly married couple and it is time to party.

The ceremony is over and the Bride and Groom leave the Altar and walk down the Aisle. Bubbles are floating in the air and every one is applauding your marriage.

It's time to celebrate! After the 2nd Kiss, the rest of the Bridal Party exits to "Celebrate," or James Brown's "I Feel Good," or Pink's "Let's get it Started" or some other lively song.

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