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Ceremony Music Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help determine which

songs you would like played during the Ceremony. 

1. Mother's Procession:

Music Selections are played while..

Mother's enter carrying in Colored Sand or Light the Taper Candles, they hug and then are seated. The Escort is also seated.

2. Groom's Procession:

Pastor, Groom and Best Man enter and take their positions at the Altar. Select music that is fun and reflects the Groom's personality or hobbies.

3. Bridal Party's Procession:

Bridal Party enters as couples one at a time. The Groomsmen escort Ladies to their places, then each congratulate the Groom before taking their places.

4. Bride's Procession:

Bride enters with her Escort. They will stop just past the first row of chairs.

5. Unity Ceremony Music:

Music is played when Bride and Groom begin Blending the Sand or Lighting the Unity Candles.

6. Recessional:

Bride and Groom exit after the Presentation of the Couple. (If you do not want the 2nd Kiss, then the rest of the Bridal Party follows.

7. 2nd Kiss:

Bride and Groom stop half-way down the aisle and kiss again. The music changes to something lively and fun. The rest of the Bridal Party then exits.

You do not need

to have all 7 selections.

Once you have made your

Ceremony Music Selections,

burn them on a CD

in the order

that they will be played.

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